Ishiusuhikisoba-Vine dish 吾亦紅-Waremokou-
Sanguisorba officinalis
Soba starts and ends with water and ingredient.
The very best Nagano-grown soba grain is ground in a stone mortar. "We tried a lot of soba grains from various regions. The Nagano grain excels others in terms of aroma, savor, texture." This soba shop sticks to stone-milling, "because the machine milling produces friction heat, which destroys aroma intrinsic to soba. Therefore, we grind soba grains tenderly in a stone mortar in the way handed down since old times so that we can prevent heat generation and retain aroma. The shop uses infiltration water flowing under the mountainous area of Minami-Ogumi terrain."Water means everything in culinary art, and soba and Kudzu-kiri, or sweet Kudzu noodles, are no exception. Fresh, clean water is indispensable for grwoing horseraddish → growing horseradish."
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