Ishiusuhikisoba-Vine dish 吾亦紅-Waremokou-
Sanguisorba officinalis
Waremoko, or Great Burnet, is a wild flower seen in the meadow of Aso/Kuju Highland, and the restaurant's name.This round, reddish-violet flower is a common sight from summer to autumn around the Aso/Kuju Plain.The scene of this pastel-color flower swinging in the wind passing through the plateau is idyllic and pastoral.Even a solitary wild flower, gracing the Plain, would never fail to move those who encounter this scenery with their beauty.The name of the shop is a magnet for those people who are charmed with wild flowers, and "Waremoko Wild Flower Society" was set up. Members take photos of wild flowers as their hobby and their pictures are on display on the tables at all times. Come and see for yourself those artworks, which you will certainly find healing and soothing.The concept of this friendly shop is embodied by the shop manager: To offer soba dish, which is hard to come by and out of the ordinary.Once you taste it, this soba will be your passion.