Ishiusuhikisoba-Vine dish 吾亦紅-Waremokou-
Idyllic scenery of an old path would never be complete without a soba noodle shop. In 1994, this conviction of me moved me to start a soba restaurant, and named this street "Soba Kaido"(Buckwheat Road), with an anticipation of dozens of soba shops in business along the old path in the future.
About Soba
Soba noodles are made of ground buckwheat grains, also called Soba-kiri (cut soba) or Nihon-soba (Japanese soba). Soba, Japan's traditional noodles, has as long history as tempura, sushi and another noodle, udon.  Soba is served with a soy-based dip or soup whose ingredients and tastes vary from place to place. Soba-yu, or hot water in which soba has been boiled, is perfect as an after-meal drink.